Busy bees

We are so lucky here in New Zealand with our fabulous and extraordinary flora and fauna. About 80% of our flora is unique to us; One of these being the manuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium). It is an evergreen which blooms in summer and bees absolutely love them. Over the years manuka honey has become very popular at home and abroad for it anti bacterial properties, as well as for its distinctive taste. The dark brown to dark cream honey has a slightly bitter, mineral herby flavor.  In supporting the body’s natural health and well being it is often used to improve skin conditions. Historically the Maori used the essential oil and manuka honey in traditional remedies.  Looking through Pinterest I found lots of sites with wonderful things to make with manuka honey from tasty recipes to cough syrups, making that one this week for my neighbour and her nasty cough.

Manuka honey blosson and  bee perfect combination for the organic manuka honey
Manuka honey blossom

Alongside my cough syrup I am making jam and using my favourite fruit of all time, of course it’s the kiwi, apart from its delicious taste and texture our favourite fruit has many health giving properties. This particular recipe using apples as the pectin; made it once before and it was delicious.  Follow the link and have a go yourself you won’t be disappointed.

kiwi jam
Kiwi Jam

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