Beverages not Wine….

Wine is the beverage from New Zealand that has been famous. Our port wines are world-famous and savored all across the globe. Some beverages which are not wine are also creating buzz around the world.

Craft Beer

Craft Beer

Craft beer is a new entrant in the New Zealand beverage industry. The industry is now picking up this new crafty addition to the array of beverages available. Craft beer has different flavors and that is what is unique about it. The new kid on the block is making splashes on the scene, resulting in a five hundred percent growth in the past couple of years. Just fizz is the motto for the industry.



New Zealand well experienced in making spirits. Of course we have not been able to brand in the past with Scotland, Jamaica and Russia getting ahead in Whiskey, Rum and Vodka. However the recent surge in demand for New Zealand made spirits has had a positive impact. The industry is growing and foraging into international premium spirits. Stolen Rum a New Zealand brand was awarded at San Francisco, and 42 Below  Vodka has become popular among spirit Czars. It is a good time for the spirits in New Zealand.

Mineral Water

Spring Water

With abundance of natural springs with mineral rich water, this is the new entrant into the scene. The uniquely packaged antipodes packaged water has become a rage. Packaged only in recycled glass, the environmental badge that the brand gets has taken it forward.

These new entrants on the scene has really added to the diversification of the industry, and the future looks really bright.


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