Ahhh Coffee…


New Zealands finest flat white coffee

Coffee, the smell the taste the sheer enjoyment of that first sip. Oh yes I am coffee addict and I love it. I like latte, cappuchino, macchiato, there is a time and place for all of them. Now there is an interesting debate about New Zealand coffee did we or did we not pioneer the ‘flat white’?  Now the debate centres on the ratio of coffee to milk, milk that is textured rather than frothy. Served in a smaller drinking glass but with the same amount of coffee ( approx 30ml) as say a latte, it is less milky and the milk band is thinner and not as creamy. The difference between New Zealand and Aussie flat white appears to be the vessel it is served in! If you want to update your coffee terminology this list will be useful.

I recently lost my expresso machine to age, so sad to see it go but decided to give myself a early Christmas treat, after a bit of research I decided on the DeLonghi ESAM6700 PrimaDonna, now a bit pricey but as a family we do appreciate our coffee. Talked with hubby and decided to take out a Christmas loan to cover this and some other expenses. When you are needing cash simple to use, no fuss websites are necessary and I am now the proud owner of a luxury expresso machine sitting on my granite bench and I am off now to make myself a wonderful cafe latte to eat with my piece of Christmas cake – I made 2 so we are eating one already, love Christmas cake in my house. If you haven’t already make yours here are some recipes that you can choose from. I like the easy Christmas cake recipe with a little extra brandy!

Christmas cake to enjoy with coffee

Merry Christmas to one and all!